Al Kawader is a one-stop portal for SMEs (Small & Medium Enterprise) satisfying the needs of Recruitment, Business Development, Planning and Management. We see our Customers as the reason of our existence, the motive for improving our offerings and performance

Who We Are?

AL Kawadar Portal is owned and managed by Taqneen Solutions, the integrated solutions providers for enterprises in many business sectors.

What We Do?

We provide our success partners with business and technical solutions backed with consultations and on-ground operations.

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We welcome enthusiastic energetic people to join our team in one of the most promising and prosperous business environments.

About our company

Taqneen Solutions is a Saudi limited liability company founded in 2007,  proud of being unique in providing academic and practical solutions for the government and the business sectors for their management excellence, in parallel with the development of the software to accomplish their goals in timely manner.

This approach makes Taqneen distinctive from those information technology companies, whose role is limited to the development of electronic applications based on predefined detailed documents of the requisite objectives. Therefore, IT is not our ultimate goal, but only a vehicle we exploit and utilize to help businesses achieve their executive goals.

Taqneen also has specialized in e-government applications and the distribution of e-government services to support their clients in these sectors. The foundation of Taqneen is led by a group of business executives, consultants and technology specialists where the formation of its services comes in association with international corporations.


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International Economy Tower, King Abdullah Road, Al-Ruwais, Jeddah.

PO Box 54087 Jeddah, Saudi Arabia

Tel.: +966 12 653 3334 Fax: +966 12 653 1191

Sales & Customer Services: +966 92 002 3235 


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For any further information, please feel free to contact us. Our Sales and Customer Services Department will be more than pleased to assist you in whatever inquiries you may have.

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